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Metal Fabrication & CNC Machining

Manufacturing, machining, fabrication, sheet metal construction, and welding all made to perfection by experienced professionals since 1987.

Services a Cut Above

Commercial Roofing


Our customers come to us with high expectations, quick turnarounds, and the need for volume without jeopardizing quality. So it’s no surprise when the professionals require large numbers of high-quality commercial roofing drains, they turn to the professionals at Hagner Industries. Designed specifically for each building’s drainage needs, with the appropriate raw metal materials, Hagner makes commercial roof drain fittings and metal components to perfection.

Technical Metal

Fabrication Capabilities

The machining, manufacturing, and fabrication processes at Hagner are set up for the long haul. When your business requires expert metal components, measured, machined, and manufactured to perfection, we install the manufacturing processes to fulfill your ongoing orders. So even if you require one-off runs, Hagner is ready to machine.

  • Hagner accepts milling and machining jobs of all volumes.
  • Prepared to store a large number of manufactured component pallets. 
  • Our technology and machines store hundreds of tools and designs—and sizes—reducing downtime. 
  • A precision shop capable of tight tolerance orders.
  • CAD and CAM programs work with solid models to optimize metal machining and manufacturing processes
  • A variety of expert finishing techniques and partners for your desired look and outcome.
  • TIG and MIG welders can repair and fabricate your metal parts to spec.

Technical Metal Fabrication Capabilities

Turning Centers

  • Leadwell LT-10 CNC Lathe
  • Victor 2480 Manual Lathe – 12” Swing
  • SMTCL CNC Lathe

Milling Centers

  • Milltronics CNC Vertical Mill
  • Viper 500 CNC Mill
  • 5-Axis Bridgeport Manual Mill w/ Digital Readout
  • TOP-ONE CNC Mill

Metal Fabrication

  • Ironworker


  • Lincoln Electric Precision TIG Welder
  • Miller Millermatic 252 Welder

Deburring & Finishing

  • Abrasive Finishing Tumbler
  • High-Energy Deburring Systems 
  • Manual Deburring Stations
  • Full Assembly Department

Supplementary Services

  • Shearing
  • Sawing
  • Bending
  • Punching
  • Waterjet
  • Laser Cutting
  • Cold Sawing
  • Grinding
  • Forming
  • Sub-Assembly 
  • Precision Measurement

Design Services

  • Auto-CAD Design
  • Fusion 360
  • DNC – Shop Floor Automations
  • Custom Machine Building & Automation Solutions

From Raw

to Real

Founded on principles of hard work, continuous improvement, and outstanding customer service in 1987, by Peter Hagner, Hagner Industries, Inc., measures up to your metal machining and manufacturing needs still today. What began in Peter’s garage over 30 years ago has grown into an industry-leading precision machining, metal fabrication, and custom machine building business that continues to grow. 

Hagner started with just a spot welder and vertical mill. In 1993, we moved into a small manufacturing facility on Elmwood Avenue in Buffalo, NY, until 2008 when we purchased a 14,000-square-foot facility just a mile away. Under Peter’s leadership—who is still involved in our day-to-day operations, Hagner Industries embraces new technologies, processes, and innovations in order to propel the company for the next 30 years.

With unmatched precision and state-of-the-art technology and equipment operated by experienced machining professionals, Hagner turns your raw concept to metal reality.

Those Who’ve Trusted Hagner

Your Prepared Team

Your team at Hagner Industries, Inc., is more than metal machining and manufacturing. We push the boundaries of traditional metal fabrication capabilities. We differentiate ourselves from other metal shops in the region with highly skilled and dedicated team members, state-of-the-art technology and equipment, and decades of experience developing and refining processes to ensure the highest quality and competitively priced products around. These values are maintained throughout our entire organization by an executive team that places an emphasis on relationship-building—whether it’s with customers, employees, or vendors. These relationships are built on the backs of quality, service, and pricing, and Hagner has been satisfying all three for our customers since 1987.

Hagner Metal Means More

The best metal fabrication and manufacturing.

Lena B.

Hagner Industries is a fantastic company and has helped the company I work for tremendously! I would recommend this place to anyone and everyone!

Eric M.

High quality work, people that understand your needs and communicate with you along the way. Glad to be working with such a great organization!


I’ve been working with Hagner Industries for about 15 years now from the smallest of projects to the largest. They always met my needs on time and a the job is always perfect.


Hagner Industries is great quality Machine Shop and has many capabilities besides machining. sheet metal work, welding and unique ingenuity.


Hagner Industries is a great place to deal with and work with, their craftsmanship , pricing , leadtime's are second to none.Very communicative . Our company would always recommend them.

Hagner Industries long-standing reputation and impressive book of business is what initially drew me to contact the company. The customer service and quality of the work was an added plus. They listen to your industrial needs and cater their service to what works for you as a customer. I cannot say enough great things about Hagner Industries and the quality of their product.


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Do you have a project in mind that requires the industry’s top metal machining, manufacturing, welding, and fabrication experts? Hagner is ready to turn it into reality. Request an honest, hassle-free quote today to get started.


Apply to Work at Hagner

Do you think you’d be a great fit at Hagner Industries? We’re always seeking professional machine operators and other team members who can help us maintain our high level of quality and customer service. Along with working alongside some of our industry’s most qualified professionals, competitive pay and benefits are offered as well as the opportunity to work in a clean, safe environment that consistently rewards growth and performance.